Royal Tattoo

 Funny Snake tatoo joke picture

A tattoo parlour opened up the road, and I shook my head in high-brow despair: why would anyone want to deface themselves like that? But as the crowds flooded in and my little town's complexion became distinctly coloured, I felt left out, alone in my ivory tower; so I ventured in late one day, disguised in a large grey twilight coat.

The parlour was all I imagined: a foul, dingy room, walls adorned with pictures of myriad tattoo'd yobs and yobettes.  A large bluey-red man with “I love Mum” emblazoned on his forearm silently handed me the catalogue.  I took my time – this was big decision, irreversible in its immensity, and though I felt some measure of guilt at fitting in with the great unwashed, I also felt satisfaction at being the first of the House of Windsor to get a tattoo.

Finally I settled on a very tasteful picture of a naked Amazon with immense breasts battling a writhing serpent – that would look very good on my penis and Lizzie was sure to be pleased.
Funny Royalty Snake Tattoo Joke


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