Nature Calls (18+)

So they told me to write my story, and that's what this is, but I warn you now: it ain't no masterpiece. I write as I see it.  Hills is green and you won't find any fucking verdant undulations in anything I write. I ain't got no time for that shit. Well, actually, sitting on death row I do got me some time, but it ain't in my nature to pussyfoot about. Like with them girls I killed. I liked what I saw, so I took it.

The thing about little girls, you see, is the trust. Gets me every time. Sure they's been taught about strangers, but deep down they don't believe that people with candy can be bad. And I ain't bad. I am my nature. Calling me bad implies that I have some kind of choice. Bullshit. I'm just living out what my genes and my drunken fuckwit of a father made me into.

Shocking, I know, just like my death tomorrow will be.