Go Home

She had a small, angular face, dark eyebrows and bright, piercing blue eyes.  She held her hands together in front of her, looking at me anxiously.

"You want ... how you say .. sexy?"

Sexy? At my age?  I most certainly didn't, well at least not with a complete stranger, pretty or not. I shook my head and made to pass on, but she reached out and grabbed my arm.

"Please.  I give ... good time.  Little money."

I turned to her, looked into her hungry, imploring eyes, and smiled. "How much?"

Her anxious expression returned.

"Tventy punds."

I reached into my wallet, pulled out a £20 note, and gave it to her.

She looked at me expectantly, then took hold of my coat lapel. "You see ... I do nice."

I took her hand gently and lowered it, shaking my head.  "No.  You take the money and go home."

She looked at me quizzically.

"Go home,"" I repeated."