The Fossilworths

It was probably a good thing that Lady Fossilworth passed away, because Lord Fossilworth had become increasingly distracted, and hardly noticed her any more. Not that their’s was any sort of relationship to speak of: they interacted increasingly via Blackberry as they passed on their way to social engagements, touching base only to confirm dates of common engagement.

Lord Fossilworth had needed to be reminded by his butler Grieves that the funeral was that day: a grey, dismal sort of damp squib day that confused decisions of attire, but he had settled on his cashmere navy blazer – it gave him a fine, if undeserved, military aplomb. The service was sombre, as these things are (nobody wants a cheerful send-off - it gives the wrong idea), and Grieves brought back the ashes to the manor house, placing the urn on top of the mantelpiece.

Lord Fossilworth did however notice Lady Fossilworth the next day, and was grateful for the extra ashtray.

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