House For Sale

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Six months the house had been on the market, and not even one viewer, but today that was going to change. We scrubbed the place top to bottom - even the kids got involved, though as usual they tended to get more in the way than be of any real use. Fiona and I even managed to argue no more than once: I thought baking bread was excessive, she didn't, and in hindsight I must admit that it did smell pretty good.

The agent from Peers Homes came at around 2pm with a family: Mr and Mrs Jerry Perkins and their two children Tom and Amy, similar ages to ours. She wore a sharp London suit and inappropriate high heels that click-clacked on our mahogany wooden floors, leaving a trail of fine indentations. Fiona glared at me, but I just shrugged. She was the best, this Tamara Fairfax-Blythe, coming highly recommended. Dents in our beloved floor were a small price to pay for a sale.

She wafted through the house, pointing out its various delightful features and opportunities to the obviously impressed Perkins family who followed her like a flock of dumb sheep bleating appreciatively at the required moments. Mr Perkins tried to ask a few pertinent questions but after some deft parries from the razor sharp Ms Fairfax-Blythe, settled down and enjoyed the show. And what a performance it was. I think we would have bought the house if we didn't already live in it.

So it was without much further ado that the sale went through and the Perkins family moved in 1 month later.

Little Jo asked if she could play with Amy, but I said no, explaining that it would never work.

We were, after all, dead.
Ghostly House for sale short story