The Glory Land Way

“I’m in the way, the bright and shining way,
I’m in the glory land way;
Telling the world that Jesus saves today,
Yes I’m in the glory land way…”

The strains of the favourite old hymn died away – apart from the voice of old Brother Arendse who enjoyed being the last to stop – and the congregation sat down. The early morning sun cast dusty rays through the plain church windows on to the rows of sparsely populated wooden pews. Outside the children could be heard singing Jesus Loves Me to an out-of-tune guitar.

Brother Mitchell went up to the front, amidst a wave of sighs, mostly from Sister Mitchell who had a pot of curry cooking gently on the stove. She had asked him to keep it short, but the stubborn man was not having any of it. This was his moment, a rare moment of prominence in an otherwise unimpressive life.

I sat silently at the back with the other teenagers who were passing notes around and giggling. These were my people, men and women of God, full of the love of Christ for each other (at least on Sunday). I would have to leave them soon however, since I too was in the way, the not so bright and shining expectant way, the result of a moment’s weakness with Japie over there who clutched his Bible with fierce repentant intent.

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