Blind Date

Candle light dinner - blind date joke

She was sitting alone at the table, wearing a red rose in her lapel - the agreed sign.  I kept my rose in my pocket, waiting.  I wanted to scout the scene first, see what Ellie123 looked like.  After all, I didn't want to spend the evening with a complete dog.  No, life was too short, and my image too fragile.

To my delight she looked fairly attractive.  Petite, blonde, soft eyes - she would do.  The glasses were a bit of a turn off, though.  I hoped she wasn't the bookish type.

In the end I decided to risk it.  Putting my rose in my lapel, I sauntered over and smiled, flashing my new white smile.


She looked up startled, no doubt at my good looks, but then regaining her composure, looked me up and down appraisingly.  I felt violated, I tell you, but waited patiently.

Then she smiled and said, "No, I think you must have the wrong person.  I'm waiting for someone else."

Candle light dinner - blind date joke