Dead Dull

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Some of my best friends are dead.

Well, actually most of my friends are dead, and it is not surprising really, because I am dead too - we dwell in this dark netherworld that is neither eternal life nor oblivion.  I'm not sure why we ended up here rather than passing on to somewhere else, but there it is.

And it is, if you'll excuse the pun, dead dull most of the time; but not today, because Bob is about to join us. You see, he's been screwing around and his psycho girl friend is not very happy about it.  She didn't know at first that he was having a bit on the side, but we told her when she was sleeping.  Yes, yes ... I know it is against the rules, but we were desperate - anything to alleviate the endless boredom.

Anyway here she comes - I have to run and get a good seat - looks like she's decided on stabbing.  I hope she doesn't carve him up too badly though.  Things are depressing enough over here without having to look at a mutilated ghoul all day.

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