lingerie shop short story piece

The door chimed softly as I entered La Senza. It was near closing time and the dimly lit lingerie shop was empty of other customers. A young woman behind a glass counter was busy packing away gift boxes. She looked up and smiled. The walls were lined with rows of frilly bits of cloth and silk hanging from gilded hangers. I fingered a few items tentatively.

"May I help you?" said the girl.

I began to shake my head, but then said, "Yes... please."

The girl approached quietly. She was around eighteen, short and trim, wearing pleasingly tight black leggings and a white blouse that had been drawn together with a silver leather belt. She smelled of wild lavender.

"Uhm, I'm looking for something for my wife. It's our anniversary."

"Oh, congratulations," she replied brightly.

"Yes, thank you. So, I was looking for something ... sexy, but not too slutty."

The girl nodded. "What size is your wife?"

I scratched my head, suddenly aware of how little hair there was. "I'm really not sure. Sorry, I hadn't really planned this."

She reached out and touched my arm gently, seeking to reassure me, but instead sending an unexpected tingle up my spine. "That's OK. Is she taller than me?"

"No, actually, she's about the same height."

"And what about cup size?"

"Cup size?""

She blushed. "Yes, breast cup size."

"Oh, CUP size. Sorry, I don't know that either."

She laughed, sending a delightful, fluted sound through the room. "Is she bigger than me?"

I glanced down quickly at her chest. "About the same, I suppose."

"It's best to be sure," she replied, taking my right hand. "Look, close your eyes. Many customers find this is the only way to be sure."

I closed my eyes tentatively and felt her raise my hand and put it on her breast. The flesh beneath her silky blouse was firm, and nestled snugly in my hand. I felt her nipple harden.

I opened my eyes and pulled my hand away.

"No, that's not the same at all."

Short story about marriage, anniversary, love and sex


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